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Seth Godin's Freelancer Course - Курс для фрилансеров от Сета Година

Добавлено: 17.09.2015, 09:01
Скачать Seth Godin's Freelancer Course - Курс для фрилансеров от Сета Година

Contents and Overview

This course begins with an introduction into what it means to be a freelancer, regardless of what industry you work in.

You'll realize that you have the opportunity to take control of your career, regardless of your previous experience, by seeing the world the way your clients do.

Seth walks you through choosing your clients and how to be at the right place at the right time to find them. By pushing yourself to produce remarkable work, the clients will start coming to you.

Each short, intense (and sometimes funny) lecture helps you identify ways to build your reputation and promote your business so you can step out of invisibility. You'll make your work more valuable, and you'll know how to price your work to attract and retain clients.

You have the opportunity to become a well-known specialist in your field. You'll learn the foundation that consistently generates client leads that translate into a higher freelancer income.

Also included: In-depth answers to FAQs that Seth has collected from his audience in preparation for this course. The FAQs will help clarify common concerns that freelancers have, as well as provide insight into overcoming everyday challenges.

Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to complete exercises that will help you forge a path you can easily follow. You'll get as much out of this course as you choose to put into it.

By the end of this course, you'll know what you need to do to pave your way towards a more lucrative and fulfilling freelancing career. You'll be confident enough to be your own boss, and you'll know how to put your goals in motion.

Whether you're currently freelancing full-time or you're stuck in a job that you want to get out of, Seth shows you what it takes to be an accomplished freelancer—or, as he calls it, “a warrior without a king."

What are the requirements?

No requirements! Just motivation to be your own boss and do great work that makes a difference
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 87 lectures and 3 hours of content!
Master how to make your work unique, create a well-known brand, find clients, and increase demand for your products or services
Understand what it takes to be more than the average freelancer
Turn professional and make a commitment to finding better clients and doing better work
What is the target audience?

Current freelancers who want to build and differentiate their businesses
Anyone interested in becoming a professional freelancer
This is not a course for people who seek shortcuts, guaranteed results and an easy path


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Скачать Seth Godin's Freelancer Course - Курс для фрилансеров от Сета Година
Seth Godin's Freelancer Course - Курс для фрилансеров от Сета Година
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